We optimize mission-critical hospitals and healthcare facilities without interrupting essential services and operations.

Exigent specializes in proactive maintenance and advanced tech solutions for hospitals and medical centers to ensure optimal environments, regulatory compliance, and energy and cost efficiency, allowing healthcare facilities to focus on patient care.

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Exigent’s customized solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities ensure efficient operations of critical systems like HVAC, plumbing, and medical gas. Our proactive maintenance, rapid emergency response, and advanced technology optimize patient care environments and support reliable healthcare infrastructure.

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We maximize uptime and minimize disruptions, unlock energy efficiency and cost savings, and ensure security and compliance.


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We deliver quality and customer service excellence.


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We bring trusted expertise in data center environments. You can depend on our factory-trained team to keep your operations running smoothly.

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When Washington Hospital Center needed to replace six aging boilers, ACI, one of Exigent’s Operating Companies with boiler service and replacement expertise, developed a phased approach to install new boilers that net new emissions standards and ensured that each boiler was fully commissioned before work on the next boiler began due to the hospital’s 24/7 operations and need for boiler redundancy.

“ACI exceeded our expectations with their exceptional service during the first phase of our boiler upgrade project. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to work seamlessly with our 24/7 operations made a significant impact. We continue to trust ACI for all of our complex facility needs, confident in their ability to deliver the highest quality results.”

— Washington Hospital Center

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