We engineer and design custom HVAC solutions in the education sector to improve the efficiency and longevity of complex mechanical systems.

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Educational settings have diverse and complex infrastructure requirements, varying from building sizes to environmental needs. Exigent offers tailored HVAC systems, energy-efficient upgrades, and maintenance plans to address these complex challenges and ensure optimal comfort and sustainability across educational environments.

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We maximize uptime and minimize disruptions, unlock energy efficiency and cost savings, and ensure security and compliance.


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We deliver quality and customer service excellence.


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We bring trusted expertise in data center environments. You can depend on our factory-trained team to keep your operations running smoothly.

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When a cold snap caused numerous issues throughout Howard University’s facilities, getting the hospitals back online became an urgent priority. ACI, a trusted Exigent partner and operating company, worked through the night to ensure the hospitals and the entire university’s systems were up and running.

“The winter of 2017 proved to be an extremely challenging time for our campus. When we needed them most, ACI delivered. They were willing to work through the night to ensure that our systems were up and running, and we were immensely impressed with the service we received.” 

— Howard University

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